Nicola Slater illustrates Bella Broomstick cover

Nicola Slater has illustrated this magical Bella Broomstick cover for Scholastic.

This delightful new series, full of themes of friendship and fitting in, will have young readers bewitched from the very first page! Bella Broomstick is a hopeless witch. So hopeless that nasty Aunt Hemlock is sending her to live in Person World – with the warning that she must never do magic again! But when Bella finds a kitten in trouble, a spell is the only way to rescue it. What is Bella to do? For where there is magic, trouble is never far away!

Written by Lou Kuenzler, Bella Broomstick hits the shelves this January!

Bella Broomstick 640 BLOG

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Tuesday, November 24th, 2015 Illustrations