Prince of Wales

Srdjan Vidakovic – Trilogy

Feast your eyes on this splendid trilogy illustrated by Srdjan for Soho Press.

‘Bertie and the Tinman’, ‘Bertie and the Seven Bodies’ and ‘Bertie and the Crime of Passion’ by Peter Lovesey, all part of the Complete Prince of Wales Mysteries.

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Stephen Millership – Nostalgic Travel Posters

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust commissioned Stephen to design a poster in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Tornado engine being in steam. The brief was to create a poster based on the classic Silver Jubilee rail poster from the 1930’s. The same team are now in the process of building a new Gresley class P2 locomotive the Prince of Wales. Stephen showed the finishing touches being put on the engine in their Darlington Locomotive works.‚Äč

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