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Carmen Saldana – Down the Sleepy River

Let go of the day as you float along the sleepy river with the stars shining overhead, saying goodnight to the animals who are mindfully getting ready for bed.

‘Down the Sleepy River: A Mindful Bedtime Book’ is a peaceful bedtime story illustrated by Carmen taking the form of a relaxing journey, beginning up a mountain as the sun starts to set, travelling down a river, passing sleepy animals and gently floating into the moonlit ocean.

Available this September from Studio Press / Bonnier.

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2022 Illustrations Comments Off on Carmen Saldana – Down the Sleepy River

Geraldine Sy – Fix Your Fashion

What is a ‘fashion footprint’? What’s the problem with fast fashion? And is there any alternative to it?

With stylish illustrations by Geraldine Sy, ‘Fix Your Fashion’ is an inspirational guide and sustainable sourcebook full of activities and practical tips on how you can cut ties with unethical fashion practices and form new fashion habits that work for you – all without compromising your signature style!

Covering topics such as motivational mindset changes, trusted brands to try, buying and selling secondhand clothes, inspiration for upcycles, mending techniques and questions to ask companies before you shop, this is the ultimate book for the closet-curious who want to create a wardrobe that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Available this May from Bonnier imprint, Studio Press.

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